Professional, fully qualified & insured grooming in brand new facilities with convenient location & parking.

Custom made wet room to accommodate BIG dogs!

Each dog has their own playpen with bed.

Give your dog the pampering they deserve.

Full Groom - from £25

  • Initial consultation for new customers about what their dog needs.

  • Warm bath using shampoo & conditioner for your dog's specific coat & skin

  • Blow dried & fully brushed through

  • Matt removal

  • Nails trimmed, ears cleaned & hygiene area clipped

  • Dog is then clipped, trimmed & neatened up.

Small dogs (e.g. Yorkie) from £25

Medium dogs (e.g. Cocker Spaniel) from £35

Large dogs (e.g. German Shepherd) from £45

Giant Dogs (e.g. Old English) from £60

Mini Groom - from £15

  • Great for in between grooms for a tidy up.

  • Not applicable for dogs who don't get clipped.

  • Includes everything that a full groom would except NO hair is clipped from the body.

  • Nails clipped, ears cleaned, hygiene, feet and face are trimmed.

Deshedding Treatment - from £20

  • Ideal for those double coated shedding dogs.

  • Washed in a deshedding shampoo & conditioner.

  • Loose hair is blown out by the high powered dryer removing a lot more than brushing alone.

  • Fully brushed through removing any mats.

  • Nails clipped and ears cleaned.

  • Recommended every 12 weeks to keep the dogs shedding to a minimum. 

Puppy Time

  • Ideal for puppies once they are fully vaccinated

  • Give puppies a short session in the salon to get used to the smells & sounds. 

  • Warm bath, blow dry & full brush through.

  • Nail trimming, ears cleaned, hygiene, face & feet are trimmed.



All prices quoted are based on the condition of the coat. Severely matted dogs will incur additional costs due to the extra time needed.


Yorkshire terrier grooming